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Family History

Relationship between Nellidadi gutthu and Bollollimaru guthu.

Nellidhadi gutthu family belongs to Bajpe taluk, and it is said to be a very strong family. In this family Bajpe Grama Daiwa Jumaadi (Kantheri Jumaadi) existed. In this same Daiwa chavadi, Kantheri Jumaadi , Marle Jumaadi and Mahishanthaya exist. And also Posappe and Kallutti Panjurlidaiwa were included. Long back, Nellidadi gutthu and Bollollimaru guthu families were said to be born from the same mother.

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Temple History

History of the village and family god.

Lord Somanath is said to be the guarding God of the village and family God for Bollollimaru guthu in permude village. At least, once in a year, the family members are supposed to worship in this temple. In this temple, lord ganesha, goddess vanadurga and lord somanath exists and are being worshipped. Some of the Poojas like Rudrabhisheka, hoovina(flower) Pooja, ranga Pooja, yekadasharudrabhisheka Pooja and shatha rudrabhisheka Pooja are performed.

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