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History of Lord Somanath

Lord Somanath is said to be the guarding God of the village and family God for Bollollimaru guthu in permude village. At least, once in a year, the family members are supposed to worship in this temple. In this temple, lord ganesha, goddess vanadurga and lord somanath exists and are being worshipped. Some ofthe Poojas like Rudrabhisheka, hoovina(flower) Pooja, ranga Pooja, yekadasharudrabhisheka Pooja and shatha rudrabhisheka Pooja are performed. As lord shiva is verymuch fond of abhisheka, they need Bonda Seeyala. People do even offer til oil (yellu yenne) to the lord.

On the day of sankranthi, they perform saamuhika gana homa to the lord ganesha. On the day of navarathri, lalitha panchami hoovina Pooja is being performed to the goddess vanadurge. Generally, during the end of January month, jaathre (fest) is being organized. In the month of janaury, after sankramana, on the previous day of full moon day, dhwajarohana (flag hosting) festival is being started. This temple is being located in between Bajpe and kateel, in the Permude village, opposite to Canara bank (west direction), towards MRPL road, it is 2.5 kms away.

The donations made to this temple by our family:

1. Main entrance of this temple, by Janaki Shedthi’s children.

2. During the construction of temple’s Jalakadha Kere, in the year 2001, our family contributed Rs.60000/-.

3. Seating arrangements of chairs in temple were made by Gopala Shetty.

4. Sukalatha Sundar has donated silver dhaara bowl to the lord Somanath.

5. Jaambavathi Shedthi has donated rudraksh maala of cost 1 lakh rupees to the lord Somanath.

6. In the year 2019, Gopala Shetty has donated gold bali murthi(idol) which cost around 9 lakhs rupees and Dayanand Shetty has also donated gold satthige of cost Rs 9 lakhs and a gold chain to goddess vanadurge.

7. Donation of Rs.25000 for the food prasadam every year.

8. Every year on the previous day of jaathre (fest), our family gives shatharudrabhisheka to somanatha including annadhana.